Greybrook Capital

Greybrook is an investment firm that is focused on acquiring and operating companies in Technology, Healthcare and Real Estate industries.  Greybrook’s strategy is to combine capital and an experienced executive team together with existing management to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Collectively, Greybrook principals have created billions of dollars of equity value building and managing business, both public and private for the past 25 years. The Greybrook executive team possesses deep knowledge and relationships within the firm’s chosen industries.

Combining this with an impressive network of executive level contacts and a track record of success is what enables Greybrook to pursue unique opportunities with the potential to create significant long term enterprise value.

Our Vision is to become one of the most successful investment firms in North America and to be recognized as a symbol of partnership, integrity and thought leadership.

Our Mission is to create significant value through disciplined investment and experienced, hands-on management.

The Greybrook Advantage – Strategic Focus

Greybrook provides companies with 3 critical ingredients:

  1. Capital

  2. Executive Management

  3. Operational Infrastructure

Where most traditional Private Investment Firms have positioned themselves as capable “asset managers,” Greybrook is an owner and operator of businesses.

Greybrook has dedicated, in-house management, corporate finance, legal and accounting expertise that is integrated into a company’s day-to-day operations.

Private Investment Firm

Greybrook is currently focused on 3 industries where the firm has core expertise and future growth opportunity.

  1. Healthcare

  2. Technology

  3. Real Estate

The firm follows a detailed investment analysis, evaluation and transaction process that produces proprietary opportunities within these areas of focus.